AVERMEDIA CE310B, SD PCIe střihová karta - Příslušenství pro počítače a notebooky

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AVERMEDIA CE310B, SD PCIe střihová karta

Značka: AVerMedia
Dostupnost: není skladem
Záruka: 2 roky
Produktový kód: 61CE310BA0AC

Střihová / zachytávací karta karta; nahrávání z externích zdrojů; rozhraní PCI-E

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13 749 Kč

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• Střihová / zachytávací karta karta
• nahrávání z externích zdrojů
• rozhraní PCI-E
• nahrávání i z analogových zdrojů

SD PCIe Frame Grabber with Composite / S-Video Interfacing

The CE310B is a PCIe video capture card featuring Composite, S-video and stereo audio inputs. The CE310B is developed for users who require the capture from an analog source. It supports analog video from NTSC/PAL formats into uncompressed video at real time frame rate (25/30 fps). With Windows Direct Show & Linux V4L2 framework, CE310B supports a diverse range of well-known third party software. The combination of extensive support for third party software and a flexible SDK option, the CE310B is the ideal solution for professional video capture applications.

Outstanding 3D Y/C Separation

Video quality is paramount in any capture card solution. CE310B features AVerMedia technology to maintain superior image quality when capturing video. CE310B utilizes 3D Y/C separation for high-precision separation of composite video signals into luminance (Y) and chrominance (C) signals. The separation technology minimizes distortion, cross-luminance, and cross-color artifacts resulting in brighter and more accurate color for unprecedented video quality.

High Performance PCIe Board

The PCIe design achieves video data delivery without compression. CE310B transmits video directly using Direct Memory Access (DMA) into the main system memory reducing latency and CPU loading ensuring consistent high performance.

Analog Video Capturing

Video from analog source (composite or S-Video) can be captured and stored with uncompressed format which can be easily edited with various editing softwares. The CE310B includes female RCA jacks for composite video inputs and a standard 4-pin DIN connector for S-Video supporting input video at 720 x 480 @60i and 720 x 576 @50i resolution, respectively.

SDK Support

The CE310B is a complete analog capturing solution supporting features to meet professional applications and comes with a flexible SDK for easy and seamless integration.


  • Outstanding 3D Y/C separation

  • Supports uncompressed video capture in AVI or WMV format

  • Capture and digitize NTSC/PAL analog video signal


Interface PCIe 1X
Input Composite / S-Video
Output N/A
Input Video Resolution
Note: Signal is considered progressive unless otherwise stated.
Composite / S-Video:720x480@60i, 720x576@50i
Capture Video format
•Captured format is converted to progressive scan
160×120,176×144 (PAL only)
240×180,240×176,320×240,352×240,352×288 (PAL only)
640×240,640×288,640×480,704×576 (PAL only)
720×240,720×288,720×480,720×576 (PAL only)
HW Scaler Down scale•
•Frame rate settings are the same as the source
Pixel Format YUY2 (4:2:2)
Color Adjustment Brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, sharpness
Audio Sampling 48KHz, 16bit
Multi-Card Support Yes
Multi-Channel Support No
Crossbar Necessary Auto
Audio CaptureFilter Support No
HW / SW Encode Support SW
3D Y/C Separation Yes
Supported OS Windows 7/8.1/10 (32/64 bits)•
Dimensions (L x W) 93.5 x 68.78mm

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